This morning while walking my dog I noticed a train. 

Actually it was the lack of a train. 

I live in a city with a river trail. Next to the river trail there are train tracks. 

Often there is a freight train on the tracks that blocks egress to the trail from a few street ends. The only way to get on the trail when a train is there, is to take one of the bridges over the tracks and go down the steps. 

It all works if you know the system, can walk on the steps and don't mind pushing your bike up or down the bike trough. 

The lack of a train this morning made me realize how much us humans maneuver and navigate around obstacles - physical and mental. 

While the train is an obvious obstacle, easily seen and generally easy to navigate around, how many other obstacles do we humans spend too much time trying to maneuver through, around, over or under? And what mental or physical costs does this navigating have on us? 

Is all the maneuvering worth the cost? 

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