This morning while walking my dog across the street, I noticed cars. 

There are a lot of cars in cities, too many some say. I notice that cars come in all colors, shapes and sizes. They have emblems on the hoods denoting their maker. 

I notice that often, attached to these emblems is a meaning. The meaning of the emblem is derived from many individual and corporate belief systems.

Some emblems, with the cars underneath them, are perceived as "better" than other emblems - with the cars attached.  

I've been blessed or cursed, depending on your definition, to be able to drive cars with many different emblems on the hood. I'm not an engineer, a car enthusiast or someone who gives a rat's arse about cars so I'm not an authority. Just give me one that works, has a good stereo and I feel safe in. That's all I need.

But I did notice a difference between driving a car that costs considerably more money than another. 

And that is how much more careful I was told to be when driving because someone didn't want me to do damage to the more expensive emblem. 

Is there a difference in emblems? Yes, the designs vary. Is it substantial? I guess that depends on your belief system. 

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