Don't judge others

Judge yourself, not someone else

It's hard to stop judging others, especially when we see people doing things that we know are wrong. But the truth is, it's not our job to tell other people how they should live their lives, how they should dress, and who they should be friends with. It takes a lot of time and energy that could be better spent on taking care of ourselves instead. When we judge others, it makes us feel good about ourselves for a little while - but at what cost?

Don't we all have that one friend who looks at someone else and comments on their outfit, "Doesn't she own a full-length mirror?" Am I supposed to agree? Why do I care if that person has a full-length mirror? I don't even have a full-length mirror. This kind of comment makes me wonder if my friend is vapid and ignorant, because what someone chooses to wear is a reflection of them, not me or my friend. Judging others is a reflection of the person judging, not the person being judged.

So, judge yourself instead!

Be honest with yourself and take care of your own life first before worrying about what other people are doing or saying. None of us can please everyone, so instead, what if you put your energy into being the best version of yourself? The more you worry about what other people think, the less happy you'll be because you're focused outward instead of focusing on what makes you - you.

So take a step back, and start taking care of yourself first! You'll be glad you did.


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