How to handle a pandemic while living in a city.

How to handle a pandemic while living in a city.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the pandemic is slowing down. I know the news keeps drilling into our heads that we are all going to die without a vaccination (I'm safe and vaccinated, phew!). But I'm hopeful the virus will give up in a few months. There's no science to my thinking, it's just a hope. That's all I've got. 

During the pandemic, my college aged daughter had a babysitting job. We couldn't stay inside because the kids weren't allowed to watch television and my condo has nothing to offer small children. We all needed fresh air and movement so we took our chances with going outside. 

Generally, we were the only ones out there. 

My daughter also graduated from college during the pandemic. The top image is us sitting on the sofa while nameless faces scrolled by on Zoom. It took about 15 minutes. All this pomp and circumstance happening while we were babysitting, with two dogs, and our charges climbing all over us. It was very surreal, and about as exciting as it looks. 

So where do you go in a pandemic when you live in a city? 

Here's where we went, and we never left the city. 


Pandemic exploration


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