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Desert Sun Handwoven Wall Hanging

Desert Sun Handwoven Wall Hanging

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Handspun wool and cotton weft with a linen warp in the colors of the sun setting over the desert. 

Wooden hanging stick is also available with a string. 

12" x 13" can be hung either direction. 

  • Made of linen, wool and cotton.
  • Hanging rod is crafted of 100% wood with magnets
  • Features fringe on top and bottom.
  • Meant to be hung vertically or horizontally.
  • Can include string for hanging.
  • Made in USA
  • Blot and spot clean any liquid dry with a clean towel.

The process of hand spinning yarn is long and somewhat tedious. It starts with sheep, there are over 200 different breeds. The sheep are shorn or shaved and the fiber is then cleaned. Once cleaned it can be prepared in many different ways to make it "spinable". Once I spin it, either on my electric wheel or a supported spindle, it is wound into a skein and wet finished. Then it can be woven, knit with or any other creative use. 

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